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I've a short while ago placed a strengthened concrete footer within a patio for placement of brick pavers in addition to the footer. Do I ought to use some kind of bonding agent in addition to the footer before placing down a 1/two" mortar bed for my brick? Any help could well be appreciated. Many thanks. - Bob

Watch ten a lot more responses... I'm going to be installing stone veneer over a poured concrete wall. The wall is about 5 several years old and in no way been painted or sealed. Can this products be used to prep the wall before installing the stone or do I really need to utilize a wire mesh and scratch coat 1st? - Ken Champ

Ed R, initial you would need to incorporate some type of vapor barrier before pouring your concrete floor. Test with your neighborhood Setting up Office for that code tips concerning humidity vapor barrier installation.

Jeanette, with constrained facts, like the particular sizing and depth of your cracks, it is difficult to generate an exact advice for which merchandise you would probably use. On the other hand, for movement cracks we would ordinarily recommend the Non-Sag Polyurethane caulk. You should stuff the crack with a shut cell backer rod which may typically be for in the temperature-stripping spot.

I just have topping my old 150sqf concrete slab with a one/four" scratch coat. It stick all correct for the outdated concrete after applying a coat of leading's and bond I also float the top into a high-quality finish but now It is really dry each and every time I broom I've dust coming out from that new topping except a person to 1/three of the slab where I powdered with dust of Portland cement before to float - jacques

View 10 much more remarks... I have a failing skim coat over concrete brick adjacent into a poured and painted concrete wall.

I used concrete countertop acid staining techniques to be wondering if sakrete can be used to bond to itself I'm sealing a little pond though the venture will acquire quite a few days will the sakrete bond to its self? - thomas

I've a 2x4 ft concrete pad outside the front door of my cottage. The pad is in fantastic condition and it's got an incredibly rough top area.

M Reid, it is possible to insert concrete to the prevailing footing on the other hand only a structural engineer could be able to ascertain the point load to the deck supports. - Chris Technical Companies

I have a stage-down living room that's on the slab and six" below the remainder of the house. I intend to put 4" of Styrofoam, rebar, 2" of cement. What is the greatest bonding agent, cement for getting for this challenge? - Bob

Mike, muriatic acid uses concrete the paint has to be taken out to make sure an outstanding bond. Sakrete Flo-Coat is usually used to resurface areas from ½” down to a feathered edge. No bonding agent is necessary when using Flo-Coat it's already really polymer modified for outstanding adhesion. - Chris Complex Products and services

Kevin, we suggest using Sakrete Prime ‘N Bond that's a polymer modified resurfacing substance which can be used from ½” right down to a feathered edge.

Thomas, Sakrete patching materials will bond to itself, however you do not desire to exceed the 24hr time concrete acid stain neutralizer period by which all layers ought to be finished. Exceeding the 24hr window will much more than likely compromise the remedy and bond. - Chris Complex Companies

Andy, you will have to clean the surface and remove any loose dust, Dust, particles, paints, and or sealers. The fabric you will really need to use is the Sakrete Fast Location Cement Patcher. Adhere to our instructions over a slurry coat application and apply a thin layer into the surface area and allow that layer to dry. As soon as it really is dry, half an hour to one hour, combine the fabric to the right consistency and apply to the opening.

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